Support Hug

Baby Showers have been around forever! It is a time to celebrate the mom-to-be with essentials she will need on-hand for when baby arrives. These are great! They are fun! They are appreciated! Finally, the little one is born…and mama’s got the blues.

Don’t get me wrong, giving birth to a baby is the most incredible feeling in the world, but it can sometimes leave a woman feeling a little down and emotional. This is the time for a shin-dig honoring the incredible woman who birthed a human! So, ditch the Baby Shower and opt for a Post-Partum Party!

A Post-Partum Party is an opportunity that (not only) celebrates mom but offers a chance to show support following the delivery of a little one. This is the time that a woman needs loved ones in her corner providing encouragement, small pieces of revitalization and endless words of love. This is the time to party!

For mama’s who are open to visitors, a “Sip & See” party offers a themed-cocktail and photo opts with the little one. A “Post-Baby Boutique” theme prompts party-goers to bring a fun-flowy article of clothing for the new mom (as our body is not quite back to its original condition, but you still want to feel human.)

Many families ask for a few days, a few weeks or even a few months of alone time before visitors…that is perfectly fine and extremely understandable (Lord knows I was a hermit for quite some time after Benjamin arrived!) Being supportive does not require being in-person. The party could be in the way of a “meal train” where friends and family sign up to deliver ready-made dinner to mama’s home or schedule times to grocery shop on her behalf. Some parties simply involve sending letters or small care packages to brighten up her day. The gestures may seem insignificant, but (trust me) the impact is infinite.

There are so many feelings that come after delivering a baby (a topic that requires its own blog…stay tuned), but support is what new mom’s need and support comes in so many amazing forms!


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